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My friend Chris showed me this awesome web radio site this morning. Musicovery allows you to specify your playlist by mood, genre, or decade! Once you set your filters it brings up a huge web of music- you can also choose to add songs to your favorites or ban them and never hear them again. There is a huge variety of music and the stream has been very consistent.

For those of you who might not have a clue as to what I am talking about, I'll explain. I am at my computer for quite a few hours every day, editing or emailing or designing albums or blogging (haha), and the soundtrack to my work has become more and more key to my productivity. If I log onto an internet radio station like this one, I get a totally customized playlist and, because I'm not running yet another program on my computer, it saves some precious computer memory and therefore- time.

If you haven't experienced an online radio station yet, go check out Musicovery!