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supermarket sweep • week 2

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***For those of you who are wondering if I'm ever going to post some pictures, the answer is YES! I am downloading my cards from this weekend as I type. Meanwhile, you can read about my grocery adventures.***

This is an update to this post, where I shared about my new mission to shop smarter (and with a smaller budget). 

So, I've decided to call myself a "couponista". That's right. I feel pretty good about my grocery shopping this week.

Here's a picture of everything I got:

Yes. That's a lot of food- which makes sense that I spent $85.40- $25.40 over my weekly budget. 

Before you gasp and shun me, let's talk about long-term. Frozen chicken breast was on sale 2 bags for $7. That's at least enough chicken to last us for 6 dinners. Also, United is having a "Meal Deal"- we purchased 2 lb. of lean ground beef for $8.91 and received tortillas, refried beans, shredded cheese, taco seasoning and sour cream FREE. That "Meal Deal" will feed us at least twice- making it about $2.22 per meal. We also found a 3/$5 deal on whole wheat pasta (I'm a big fan of whole wheat).

One of the other great deals I got today was at Walgreen's. Kellogg's cereal was 2/$5, so we got two (fiber-filled!) boxes. I also had a manufacturer's coupon for $1.50 off of two Kellogg's cereals, which made one of them basically free. Then, we added paper towels, my favorite hairspray, some green tea and a pack of gum (all of which were on our list, sans the gum) to make the total $25.96. I also had a $5 off of a $25 purchase coupon to make our total 21.00. To add to that, the purchase of the cereals got us a $2 coupon for the next time we go to Walgreen's. If you think about it, we actually got two boxes of cereal for $1.50.

So, with coupons and store specials, I saved $30.26 and made $2.00 for my next trip to Walgreen's. 

If any of you are interested in the meals I am making, let me know- I didn't want to bore you too much!


*A tip I learned this week: If you know you are going to buy a particular brand, google it and see if you can't find a coupon! This worked for me twice this week.