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Lubbock engagement session

Ryan + Bailey • Engagement


I loved shooting this laid-back session with Ryan and Bailey. These two are funny and have a super chill vibe, so it was a great time. We started out at the place they first met, and then headed out with their pups. It was a GORGEOUS day in the LBK, so I was soaking up the sun. I can't wait to shoot their wedding in a few months! 

ross + kandace • engagement


I wish I could give this couple some sort of "you did it" prize, like a gold star or plastic trophy. Haha- I know that sounds silly, but really- they deserve something! It was literally FREEZING outside when we shot this session- so much so that we needed to take a break every 20 minutes or so because I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. And if I was cold, that only means these two were beyond cold. Yet, they smiled and listened and were up for snow and ice and freezing wind and did a lot of hugging since it was one of the only ways to stay un-frozen. The next time I get to photograph these two the snow will be long gone, so I was glad they were up for taking advantage of it now. Congrats you two! Thank you for an awesome session!

brady + haley • engagement • lubbock, tx


The rain cleared up (seriously, I feel like it's been wet here for 3 straight weeks...) just long enough for Brady + Haley's engagement session last weekend. It was actually wonderful weather- the sun was shining but the moisture kept it nice and cool. I totally enjoyed getting to hang out with these two and their adorable dog, Zeus. They both grew up in the same small town but didn't really know each other until Brady happened to be back in town after he'd left for college. In fact, these two have spent the majority of their dating/engaged life living in separate towns- something that I have a lot of respect for. So, I can imagine how excited they will be when they are finally one and living in the same place! 

Thank you guys for a great session- you make me want to plant a willow tree in my front yard!

lane + joni • engagement • lubbock, tx

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So many of my couples live outside of Lubbock, it's becoming more and more frequent that they book me without ever having a face-to-face meeting. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting to talk face-to-face, but with busy schedules and distance between us, it's very common that I get to know my clients over email. So, in chatting with Joni about her engagement session, I just knew I would love getting to work with her. Each email she sent was signed with a, "One Excited Bride, Joni" or "Your Happy Client, Joni". I love that! And Joni, I am totally stealing it. Expect your next email to say, "Your Super Excited Photographer, Lissa". :)

Seriously, though- Joni and Lane are already such a blessing to me. These two met once Lane agreed to coach Joni's Intramural Football Team, as a favor to his little sister…knowing that Joni was on the team. Soon after they began dating. After Joni graduated from Texas Tech, she took a job traveling all over the country and many of their happy moments were in the baggage claim at the airport- so we included a few "travel" elements into their shoot so as to be a reminder of where they've been and where they're going. 

Can't wait for their wedding in August! Thank you two for your trust and great company!

brandon + lyndal • engagement • lubbock, tx

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Whew- it has been quiet on this little blog- not for lack of content, however. I've been busy, busy, busy...and honestly, working hard to stop being that way. :) Really, though, my "work" has been so much fun lately- much in part to this wonderful couple- Brandon and Lyndal.  

I have known Lyndal almost all my life- and it was an honor to get to photograph her engagement, bridal, and wedding. I definitely had more than one sentimental moment, realizing that God has perfect plans for every one of us. It's clear that she and Brandon were meant to be. They'd been friends for a long time, and then once they started dating, they knew almost immediately that they would marry. Watching them together was a blessing- they compliment each other so well.

We had a gorgeous evening to shoot a few weeks ago. We started out at their alma mater, Texas Tech, and then headed to their beautiful home for a few more photos. We finished out under a big blue sky in the field- these two wanted to incorporate a tractor since Brandon has a successful career with John Deere! I hope you can see how much fun we had! 

jason + abbey • engagement • lubbock, tx


The best word I can think of to describe Jason and Abbey is FUN. These two are so great- I loved getting to hang out with them for an afternoon, and hearing about their journeys and perspectives on life. One of the things about my job I love best is getting to watch two people transition into one marriage- there's sacrifice, anticipation, and adventure. I know that these two have so much to look forward to- and I can't wait to capture that in photos.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot in Lubbock. 

justin + angela • engagement • lubbock, tx

I got to photograph Justin and Angela's engagement session last week, and the weather was so beautiful! It was a perfect day- and these two were so wonderful to photograph. They were sweet to each other, and great parents to their son, Austin, who kept me laughing the entire time. He is such a sweet boy. I hope you enjoy these images!

zach + cassie • engagement • brownfield, tx


I've been looking forward to this Engagement Session ever since I first met Zach + Cassie months ago! These two are so much fun and truly love the Lord- and I am so excited to get to capture this special time in their lives. After attending a wedding out at the Fulford Barn in Brownfield, TX, they decided it would be the perfect location for their Engagement session- and I couldn't agree more! The Fulford Barn is one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in the Lubbock area. We had a HOT day, but the grounds were beautiful, and I enjoyed the company of Zach + Cassie so much!

allen + paige • engagement • lubbock, tx

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Allen and Paige are the very best kind of nerdy. (Note: I identify myself as a nerd and take it as a compliment. :) These two have just the type of personalities that I love to work with- a little quirky, very laid back, and totally in love. They suggested we begin their shoot at the TTU library- a place where they've spent much of their time over the past few years. I was in love with the rows and rows of books. 

Why yes that is a collection of Ray Bradbury they are reading. Further proof they are cool.

How much do you love Paige's outfit? Of course, it's from Urban