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For a while now, I've been wanting to schedule another How To Work It Workshop- a one-day workshop where I teach people the basics of photography. Each time I've hosted this workshop, it has been amazing to watch my "students" really understand their equipment and actually shoot the images they have been wanting to shoot. And once they've finished the course, it seems there is always more they want to know! 

On top of that, having two kiddos and two businesses to manage has really cut into any "free time" I  had, and so it's been tough to find a good time to do another workshop. So, enter Mentor Sessions! I am so super excited about these!

Pick My Brain Mentor Sessions are hourly, ask-me-anything-you-want sessions that we can schedule in-person (if you're in the Lubbock area), over the phone, or on Skype. I love to teach and help people, and this will allow me to really focus on what you need help with the most. What can we talk about? Here are some ideas:

shooting weddings // workflow // pricing // equipment // photography basics // running a profitable business // working with your spouse // how to photograph your kids // working with other vendors // creating and keeping consistent clients // lightroom and photoshop // designing albums // being a working mom // anything small business

Optional subjects may include:

best series on Netflix // how to make a killer playlist while you're editing // changing a diaper in 30 degree weather // caffeine addiction // learning things the hard way // God and faith // the lack of trees in lubbock // losing weight without dieting or exercising (still figuring this out) // donuts // personality profiles // donuts...maybe I'll just ask to be paid in donuts...

Haha, I am a pretty open book, so there is not much I wouldn't love to talk about!

Annnnnnnnnd, since this is a new thing, I'm going to GIVE AWAY 1 free hour! Here's what you need to do to be entered:

1) Share this blog post on Facebook and tag any friends you think might be interested. Here is the link to share:

2) Follow @lissaanglinphoto on Instagram, and repost the Pick My Brain image on your Insta. Tag 3 friends. 

That's it!

I'll pick a winner on January 31 @ 10 pm!

If you're interested in booking a Pick My Brain Mentor Session, just use the contact form on my website or email me at!





How To Work It Workshop #2

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Last weekend I hosted my second How To Work It Workshop, and y'all, it was so much fun. We had a smaller crew than last time, and it was great. I was able to make sure that all of the information (and there is a LOT of info!) was sinking in and also help everyone with individual camera settings, etc. 3 of the 4 attendees drove at least 2 hours to be here, and that made me feel so special! 

My friend and first workshop attendee, Lindsey, was also there to help- so thankful for her and her input! This time I had it at my house and that was also a great comfortable environment for learning. Here are a few quick pics from the day- 

(You can also get a little sneak peek as to how things have changed in our house- I'm hoping to post more on that soon!)


The best part about teaching these workshops is watching the lightbulbs come on. Learning to shoot in manual is really empowering and it's cool to watch someone suddenly become able to execute their vision for their photos. THANK YOU to all of these awesome ladies for coming! I can't wait to see what you shoot!

I'm hoping to do another workshop this year- likely sometime late summer, and have had a few requests to do them in other cities! If you are interested, please send me an email at! 

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I'm pretty excited about this post! Next month, I'll be hosting a small workshop for all my Mama friends (and non-Mama friends with cameras) that want to learn how to work their DSLR camera. And if you're a guy, I guess you can come, too. :)


This is a BEGINNER, one-day class that will cover:

• Equipment basics

• Exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, & ISO) 

• Lighting

• Photographic Style

....and a little bit of everything in-between! 


You will need: 

• A DSLR Camera (one that is able to change lenses) 

• Your camera's manual

• A laptop is optional


There will also be some sweet gifts, discounts and coupons for attendees! 

The workshop will be here in Lubbock, TX and is on Saturday, July 27th. I am limiting the class to 8 attendees, and it is first-come, first-served!

Click the button below to reserve your spot: 


The Experience Workshop • Lubbock Photography Workshop


It's my 29th birthday today (or should I say my FIRST 29th birthday? :)- and because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy I thought it'd be the perfect time to officially announce a project that is very close to my heart-

This is my first workshop, and I have BIG expectations. So big that they scare me a little bit. :) But I can testify that attending a photography workshop can do AMAZING things for your craft, knowledge, and confidence as a professional. And I want that to happen for so many!

Click on the image above to check it all out. Here's a little snippet of what attendees can expect:

i'm doing a workshop! • the experience

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I can hardly believe this is actually happening- but I am planning a workshop this winter! I have always wanted to be about the business of helping other photographers like I have been helped myself, and this is that dream. Save the date!


This workshop will be limited to a small number of attendees to ensure that each are able to get an in-depth, personal experience. If you would like to get on the workshop mailing list and be notified when registration is open (and get an early registration discount!), please email me at, or use the contact form in the menu bar.