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Texas Tech Engagement session

abdul + danielle • engagement • lubbock, tx


Abdul + Danielle are two incredibly smart people who met while they were getting their Chemical Engineering degrees at Texas Tech. They are getting married on 4-13-15…and confessed they were a little excited when they realized it was pi day (which makes them even more awesome). These guys are also well-traveled- they were in Brazil for the world cup just last weekend! Abdul played club rugby at Tech, and so to commemorate their time on the fields, we finished up their session there. I had a great time with these two- congrats!

ory + larkin • engagement • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin3 Comments

There are so many things I love about this couple. Having only known them for a short time, I feel like I already see so much depth to their relationship. These two are working their tails off to finish law and medical school while planning a wedding. But beyond that, they have a deep respect and love for each other- it is evident in their interaction. Ory is quiet and kind, and Larkin has a special regard for his preferences and opinions. Larkin is outgoing and colorful, and Ory watches her with complete adoration. Photographing them was so much fun. I also hugely appreciate the planner that Larkin is- she put a lot of thought into their engagement shoot ahead of time, and I loved knowing that it was so important to her. These two will be getting married this December- can't wait!