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courtney • senior

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Courtney's senior shoot was a lot of fun for me. Not only did I get to explore the hallways of my high school once more, but I got to see a LOT of familiar faces.

I had Courtney's mom for homeroom when I was in Middle School. Although I was mostly asleep during that first hour, I always enjoyed coming back for English later in the day. :) Shooting at the high school made me look at it in a completely different light. When they first requested that we shoot there, I wasn't sure about how the images would turn out- but we found so many corners and niches that I loved, I could have shot there all day!

On to the images- this girl is just beautiful. Check out those eyes!



Loved this window light. Which one do you like better? The closer or the farther?



Courtney LOVES books, so we couldn't miss a stop by the library!


Pretty much the ONLY time I'm going to get excited about green carpet!



Borger High, we love you, we will stand by you to-day...sing it with me!


My FAVORITE place in the whole school- Mrs. Kerr's art room! Just had to feature a little artwork by my friend, Kristen Bailey.


We snagged a few shots in her softball uniform- which, by the way, is WAY cooler than the one I had to wear! She looks pretty tough, huh?


Thanks so much Courtney! Congrats on your senior year!