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chris + bethany = engaged!


My good friends Chris and Bethany have been dating for a while, and a couple of days ago, Chris let us know that he was going to propose! In a matter of about 24 hours, he had asked for her parents' blessing, bought the ring, and had a perfect plan. I was so excited to get to photograph the whole thing. Chris planned the event at a park where they frequently take walks-- he had the specific tree in mind that he wanted to stop at. I got to the special spot a little early to capture the preparation:

Chris carving their initials into one of the limbs:

The finished product, with BB's new initials:

I was staked out under some low branches of a tree about 50 yards away, so Bethany didn't even see me when they walked up!

He had tied the ring to a long red ribbon:

Popping the question:

She said yes!

The tree really was a nice backdrop:

Realizing that they're not alone!

It was such an exciting event. Both of them were just beaming and I feel so special for getting to be there and photograph it!

The Cardenas clan, who helped out with the prep. They hid in someone's yard with binoculars!

Congrats you guys! I am so thankful for friends like you!