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the last prom ever!

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At least for our little sister & sister-in-law went to prom for the last time this weekend...and being from a small town you have to realize that it's a pretty big deal. I was excited that Shawn and I were able to be there and hang out for the festivities. The day began with a trip to our cousin Landon in Amarillo, who did a beautiful job on Layne's hair:

All ready to go! These shots were taken in the entry at my parent's house:

And it's off to the park to take some pictures. Talk about a fun date!

Here's Emily with her date, Josh- they looked great!

Emily did her own hair! (Those skillz must run in the family.) It's a good thing she's going to Toni & Guy!

Here's the scene at the entrance of the prom. Yes, those are bleachers, and pretty much the whole town shows up to watch the seniors enter. They are also announced on a loudspeaker!

The theme this year was Moulin Rouge- and it was so neat inside!

Probably the largest vehicle someone arrived in...there was also an RV, several very nice cars, and a pontoon boat which Layne arrived in.

My Mom and Chrystal make great door greeters!

I took A LOT of pictures that day, so if you would like to see the rest of them, just email me and I can send you the link. The images are free to download!