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jared + jenifer's wedding


Jared + Jenifer were married this last weekend here in Lubbock. These two have a great love story. They began dating when Jared had just come to college at Texas Tech and Jenifer was still in high school. Once Jared moved to pursue his career, they broke up because of the distance. After a while, they found each other again and decided to make it permanent! The love these two have for each other is evident in the way they speak, talk, and touch. This was such a fun wedding to shoot because I knew many of the people involved and their families are so much fun!

Now for a few (haha) pictures- Jenifer was a gorgeous bride in so many ways.

The recessed lighting in the sanctuary resembled stars on camera.

The reception was held at a relative's home, and it looked so beautiful!

Time for a little champagne!

It was so good to see these girls.

This is the first time I've ever seen the groom bustle the bride's dress, and I thought it was so sweet.

A few moments alone...

Little did they know that "Thriller" had come on downstairs!

Towards the end of the reception Jared made a point to recognize some very important people in his life and admonish them publicly. It was very touching and so special.

The exit!
Congratulations you guys!