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Just a little post before we head out tomorrow- but I thought I'd show you guys what we've been up to...

Today we took a swamp tour with Cajun Pride tours- and it was so much fun! The whole thing lasted a few hours- and we didn't expect to get such an up-close experience. It rained during the middle of the tour, but it was actually nice- cooled us off a bit!

Here's the swamp:

We got to hold a baby alligator! I think I was about to freak right here...(just fyi, these images are from my point and shoot- no fancy stuff here!)

Shawn feeding about 5 of the 15 alligators surrounding our boat:

A couple of short videos, if you're curious- I apologize in advance for the shaky camera business:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some of the other images from the trip. We really had a great time and have quite a few stories to bring back with us! Thank you, my wonderful clients, for being so patient while we've been gone. I'm now rejuvenated and am really excited to get back to work!