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an update + a bride

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Wow- it's time for an update! Shawn and I have moved into our new house and have spent a lot of time unpacking (with a lot of help from family and friends). I'll have to make a post with some pictures soon.

I spent about two weeks without internet and made regular trips to the closest coffee shop just to upload new galleries and answer emails. Guess I never realized how attached I was! I set up a n entire wireless network in our house and it is more streamlined than ever- so nice. I know, I am a nerd.

I've been shooting a lot, but I can't post many of the images, because they are all brides! Here's one that I can post- this is Ashley from my previous entry. We had the best time at her bridal photoshoot. I couldn't wait to take her to this new spot- can you believe this is in Lubbock?

Here's the image she chose for her Canvas Gallery Wrap. It was displayed at the reception and looked so great! Excellent choice!

Of course, it was windy that day, but we took advantage of it! I love the radiance in her face.