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Seniors! Book now & win a super cool album!


Hi everyone! Remember when I introduced my new Hardcover Session Albums? I promised I'd be offering them in a special portrait package, and that time has come. I'm feeling the fun and excitement of fall and so...

This one's for 2009 Seniors only!
I'm offering only 3 exclusive sessions that will include:

1. The most fun photoshoot you've ever been to
2. Some totally unique images
3. A 30 image Hardcover Session Album



Be one of the 3 to book this package (first come, first served) and you'll get it for 350.00. That's over 100.00 in savings!

But here's the really sweet part-
one of those 3 seniors will be randomly selected to win their album FREE
and receive 250.00 in print credit!

So, if you knew you were wanting an album from your senior session, here's your chance to get it at a discount. I'll still be offering these super-cool books from my regular pricing, but this is the ONLY time this year I'll be giving one away!

Please email me at to book your session.