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maximus decimus meridius

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Or Max, if you happen to know him.

Last night Shawn and I went over to our friends' Chris and Bethany's house to watch the Cowboys game, and I brought my camera so I could snag a few pictures of Max, their new English Bulldog. Chris accompanied us to pick up Max at the same time we were picking up Lola. He is too, too adorable for me not to post some images of him as well!


What a tough guy!





Getting ready to pounce...


This is a common view of Max. Once he's rolled over, he knows it's going to take some effort to get back up, so he usually just hangs out on his back for a while.


Even his toosh is cute!


Although he is named after this film, I think about this one:

Were my sisters and I the only ones watching Betty Boop when we were little?