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jay + jennifer

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It's not often that I get to have a casual session with a couple that's already married. Jay and Jennifer are still very much newlyweds (but only a week or two, I think?), and I really enjoyed wandering around with them.

Jay's in the Air Force and left the day after our shoot for Turkey, so these images will be Jennifer's best company for the next few months while they're apart. Won't be long, though, till she meets up with him in Germany! I have such a respect for couples that don't let time and distance get in the way- and of course, meeting up in a foreign country to begin your life together sounds pretty romantic to me.

We had a great time heading down 34th street in Lubbock- I seem to have an obsession with diners lately-




No, we are not in a tropical rainforest, but in a dirty alley behind a restaurant!


Doesn't make it any less beautiful, though.


Speaking of beautiful...


This image will always remind me of that last bit of summer that I hate to see go away...




They are big Houston Astros fans, so we had to hit up a local baseball field. We even interrupted a game to get the last shot.



Thanks so much you guys, and congratulations!

P.S. For any photogs out there, this was my first session to shoot entirely in RAW. It took a little longer, but I think it might be worth it! Let me know if you can see any difference in the images.