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Because I'm regularly lugging around 10+ pounds of photography equipment, I don't often get around to shooting anything that's not work-related. Sad, I know!

This last weekend my husband's band played at the Ignite Student Conference here in Lubbock and I was sure to bring my camera to document it. (Maybe I'll even have some prints made! Woo-hoo!)

We had a great time hanging out and seeing people we haven't seen in a while. Here's Shawn tuning up before the show:

And the empty coliseum:

Zach's parents showed up, which was a nice suprise-

Here's Jason, the associate pastor at our church, being all business-like...

My mom was here, too!

Zach's photo-skillz...actually, I clicked the shutter button.

I don't know why I like this one so much...maybe I just like people in it!

Jason and his sweet daughter.

Heather mid-laugh- which is very appropriate- this girl is always laughing!

I made them smile. :)

Do you think they called each other? Just kidding...

Drew Worsham was the illusionist who performed in increments throughout the conference. He was great!


On with the show! I shot A LOT, but here are some of my faves:

The blue lights are cell phones (modern-day lighters)!


Madness at the merch table after the show...

I actually grew up going to the Ignite Student Conference (used to be called Hot Hearts). It's been incredible to get a different look at all of the work, time and prayer that goes into putting an event like this together. I know I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry-- the more I trust God, the more He knocks my socks off!