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a fun album spread + puppies!

lissa-anglin2 Comments

Here's a fun album spread I liked while I was designing an album today...

Every album is different- I take my cues from the mood of the day. I especially love the colors and movement here.

In other news, our little Scottish Terrier, Willy, is a daddy! (No, Lola is not pregnant.) We bred him with a very lovely black Scottie a while back and just found out that she is expecting 5 (maybe 6) puppies. They are sure to be adorable! Thought I'd post it just in case anyone was interested- you know we love our Scotties.

Here's a video of our daily sing- usually after one of their many naps.

Lola and Willy, our Scottish Terriers, Singing from Lissabeth Anglin on Vimeo.

Thanks for tuning in- have a great day!