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for the love workshop

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This post is to let you all know about a cool opportunity in the photo community- the For the Love Workshop. Here's how creator Ginny Corbett describes the workshop:

"For the Love" is not like any other workshop.  It's actually designed as a spiritual retreat where you will also be able to learn from successful photographers who rely on God for creative inspiration.  At "For the Love", you will encounter God in a deep way.  You will have a chance to get away from the constant demand of your career and seek God over your business in a quiet, secluded location.  You will not only draw inspiration from fellow photographers, believers, and friends, but also draw inspiration from the creator of creativity....God.  


I'm posting this because they are giving away a free spot to the workshop, and I'm SO hoping I have a chance! 

A few reasons I would like to go:

1) It's in Knoxville, one of my favorite places!

2) I'm realizing the importance of this little business of mine, specifically within God's kingdom. Nothing else really matters except that I'm using all I have for His glory.

3) I love the speakers- Lauren Clark, Ginny Corbett and Erik Clausen. Heck yes!


Another part of the contest was to post an image with scripture on it, and here's what I came up with. This is a verse I've been praying over several things in my life right now (this workshop included). In the photo is a man who does not yet know Christ, but he is writing out scripture onto the scroll. I'm believing for his salvation and so many others like him!