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I just got back from Photo Biz Boot Camp in Austin! It was an intense few days, but I've never been to a workshop more worth my time and money. Liana is so wonderful! She took the time to listen to each one of our situations, push us as business owners, and reassure our dreams. I so enjoyed my time with the other photographers there- Hannah Foley, Eileen Broderick, Natasja Vega, and Alina Prax

We took a break from number-crunching yesterday to do a few headshots of each other. Here are some of mine.





This is what it looks like to have great cheekbones. :)

Love the colors here...and of course Natasja.

Yes, her eyes are really this color. I did not touch them!

We forced Liana to let us photograph her! Ha! 

My fave.

Hannah had to fly out early yesterday so she didn't make the group pic- but I'm SO glad she came with me! Love you Hannah! You're brilliant!


Over the course of the workshop I realized that I need to refine my blogging a bit. I want to spend more time focusing on the things that truly interest me and my blog readers, instead of pushing out bulk-loads of information, hoping to find someone that is interested! So you may notice a few changes here and there...ultimately I want to create a place where you blog-readers can find all sorts of great, inspiring stuff, and share it yourselves!