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I've always loved the work of photographer Jeremy Cowart (in fact, I'm going to his workshop next month- yippee!). When he launched the Help-Portrait project, I knew it would be huge.

The basics of the project:

1. Find someone in need.

2. Take their portrait.

3. Print their portrait.

4. Deliver the prints.

For a quick overview of the project, please watch the video on their website:


(I couldn't embed it here.)

After I saw the video, "inspired" would have been a mild way to describe me. I was just plain overwhelmed by the potential of it all. After a while, I wrote it off, thinking it was a mountain I didn't have the time or energy to climb this year.

Then God and I had a conversation. We got my priorities straight...and I decided that it was okay to start small.

I was able to get in contact with Lubbock Impact and photograph some kids and their families last Sunday. It was perfect. It felt right. And I can't wait to deliver the images. 

Here are a few of my favorites. I already can't wait to do it again...even bigger! I know there are so many wonderful photographers in this area that could really have a huge impact on our community. 

A few behind-the-scenes images from Shanna:

All my helpers. THANK YOU! You guys are wonderful and your support means so much to me!

And another huge thank you to L'Anna Jones and everyone at Family Church for being so open and easy to work with. God is doing incredible things with you!