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michelle + edgar • wedding • plainview, tx

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Michelle and Edgar's wedding was on a gorgeous fall day at First United Methodist Church in Plainview. I have always loved the architecture of this church, and it was the perfect background for the events of the day. 

I apparently have lost my skill to keep blog posts short, but I just loved so many of the images from this for this post you get more pictures, less talk. (Which you'd probably prefer anyway.) :)

My view:

Shanna's view:

Stoic. Love it.

My view:

Shanna's view:


Their First Glance could have been my favorite ever. The light was so fantastic outside, and Michelle and Edgar's reactions to seeing each other made for some beautifully romantic images.

A gorgeous sunset right before the ceremony!

Just in case this image doesn't explain it-- yes. They had a fun group.

Thanks so much you two! You were an absolute pleasure to work with!