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shiloh + amber

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I have to say, I truly treasure the opportunity I get to capture big life moments for my friends. I grew up with Amber- we cheered together in high school, and ever since I can remember we were in the same little circle of friends. I don't think back them I would have ever thought, "One day, I'll photograph your wedding"...but that's been true of many of my friends so far. So, I really feel blessed and honored by that.

Last week I got to hang out with Shiloh and Amber while we photographed their Engagement session. We had a great time, although there were some run-ins that ensued...more on that later. Check out these gorgeous people!

So, after taking the above shot I see the perfect blue door right across the street. We hop on over and immediately I love it- it's the EXACT same color as Amber's eyes...

During our conversation, Shiloh says, "So, have you ever gotten into trouble for tresspassing?" Up until then, my answer was "NO!"...but unfortunately I can't say that anymore....

Apparently that beautiful blue door was property of the Railroad, and in my pursuit of that perfect color I had ignored all of the "No Tresspassing" signs! I have never been a rule-breaker (in fact, quite the opposite- I really like structure and guidelines), and so it would have been sufficient to been told to leave and never come back, but I wasn't so lucky. Ladies and gentleman, I paid a lovely fee for my citation and thankfully Shiloh and Amber were cool. We got the heck out of there and finished out the shoot!

Needless to say, I am paying a LOT more attention to signs now...


Thanks so much you two! Congratulations!