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kaury + ashley

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Get ready for a mega post! This is Kaury and Ashley- you might remember them- I shot their wedding last June, and it was a blast!

These two are about to graduate from Wayland Baptist University and head out to Kentucky where they'll be attending Asbury Theological Seminary. They wanted to get some images of them before they left, and to celebrate their graduation.

Every time I've photographed them, they've told me to do whatever I wanted to do. It's so freeing to have their complete trust, and to have them actively join in the creative process with me.

We started out in the Religion building on the Wayland campus- it was only appropriate, seeing as how much time they've spent there!

My first semester of college, I remember walking into this building and it smelled like Sunday School to me! Coffee brewing, men walking around in sweater was all too familiar with my Baptist roots!

I saw this coat rack in the corner of the room and Ashley explained to me that it was for religion students who might need a suit to speak in. I just loved the haphazard way they were all hung, so I made it a photo-op.

We ended up near the Broadway Brew, a super cute little coffee shop in downtown Plainview.

Kaury and Ashley- thank you guys so much! I will never get tired of photographing you!