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I'm back from East Asia, and I have so much to share with you!

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Wow, life has been running at such a fast pace this month- I got in from East Asia yesterday morning, and not only am I overwhelmed by the amount of work I have, but I am overwhelmed by God's provision for me to be able to have so many awesome opportunities. I am already hard at work- to for those clients who have been more than patient so far- thank you!

I'll be featuring my trip in an upcoming blog post, but first I wanted to share about the suprise I came home to! Lola had 5 adorable little puppies on April 17. She is a super Mommy, taking care of them round the clock. Willy even watches over them occasionally. They are all very healthy and happy.

We have 3 black females (one has a tiny white spot on her chin, just like our male Willy has), 1 black male, and 1 wheaten male (white). I hope you don't mind me keeping you updated on the pups! Here are a few pictures I took with my point-and-shoot yesterday.

Lola and her puppies in the whelping box.

Lola sleeping with the wheaten male. He is always found sleeping by her head, or ON her head. He's like a little polar bear!

Of course I'll have more pictures soon. We'll begin taking deposits for them in the coming weeks- email me if you are interested!