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Blake + Stancy

lissa-anglin3 Comments

I just LOVE these two. I love their hearts, the way they treat each other, and the excitement they have about their marriage. Stancy is a photographer herself, so it was wonderful to work with someone who's also been behind the camera. Check out her website!

We didn't stop laughing the entire time. I tried to practice some restraint while selecting my favorites, but it was tough! (I shot enough images during the session to equate to an entire wedding.)

We shot their engagement session on a wonderfully warm day. I brought Shanna along with me to gear up for wedding season.

A while back I saw this wall that someone had spray painted a silhouette of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara- I had to use it for a fun couple!

This one Blake came up with- I love it!

The next two are Shanna's. She does a great job of capturing things I never see!

Check out Blake's awesome thrift store find- a jacket with elbow pads! Nice!

Thanks so much you guys! Can't wait for your big day!