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My family has been planning a vacation to Puerto Rico for some time now. Some of the students my parents have become involved with thru the Adopt-A-Student program at their church are from Puerto Rico, and so it was a great reason to go! We had an awesome time together. Lauren just recently graduated from Baylor with her degree in Fashion Design, and Layne completed her first year at A&M with a 4.0! So this trip was also in celebration of their hard work.

I think the thing I enjoyed most about the island was A) getting to spend some rare time with my fam, B) the gorgeous colors/scenery, and C) the people! Virtually everyone we met was extremely helpful and courteous. I think I could adjust to island life...

Here are a few (ok, a lot) of pictures I pulled from my camera. I took my point and shoot down to the beach, where it got sand in the here's to hoping I can retreive the images from it soon.


This was the view from our condo. (Not bad, eh?) My dad found the listing on, and I highly recommend the site!

Sometimes, I would lose Shawn, and he was always found out on the deck.

The first day, we visited a friend's house in Ponce, and her family made us some deliecious Puerto Rican food. These bananas were growing in their backyard! They also had a serious herb garden.



Layne and their dog, Pulga. "Pulga" means tick or flea- perfect- he was tiny!

Ponce has a huge highway entrance that spells out "Ponce". Here we are in the letter C!


We walked around downtown Ponce for the rest of the afternoon. There is a beautiful Catholic church there that was just about to gather for mass.

We went out to the pier, and there were pelicans everywhere. I have to admit, they freaked me out!

Here are some from Old San Juan.

Shawn and I took the brunt of the wide-angle-ness in this one.

Layne had the impulse to fly a kite outside the El Morro Fort. It was about to rain and being so close to the beach there was plenty of wind, so she and Shawn got the job done. Can you see the tiny kite in the background?




There is so much more I could share with you! We went zip-lining through the rainforest and kayaked in glowing water, and I also lost a diamond in my wedding ring (which will get replaced). It was an awesome trip though!

Later today I'll be posting new pictures of the puppies- they are getting so big! So be sure to check out the SCOTTIE PAGE for those images. They're getting closer to 8 weeks, when they can be sold, and we've started taking deposits. Let me know if you are interested or would like to come by and see them!