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Summer Sun Contest Winners!

lissa-anglin1 Comment

It's hard to think about the summer sun while it's a torrential downpour here in Lubbock today, but it sure did brighten my day to get to pick a winner for the contest!

There were WAY more entries than I had anticipated, and so it made it pretty difficult to choose- so many different subjects and themes. But when it came down to it, I chose the images that I felt best used dramatic light to their advantage.

I decided to pick a first prize and two runners-up- so FIRST PRIZE goes to Gayla Kelley, for her image of her daughter in the window:

I loved the simplicity of this image. Great job Gayla!

The runners-up are Wendy Armes, who captured this great shot of her son. Check out that golden light!

And Miranda Cole, who entered this gorgeous architectural image:


I'll be sending Gayla a $25 Target Gift Card and The Runners-up a $10 Gift Card. Thanks to all who entered- this won't be the last contest!