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cameron + julie • wedding • ceta canyon

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Last Saturday I photographed Julie and Cameron's wedding at Ceta Canyon, and it was a gorgeous day. These two are so, sooo much fun and were surrounded by wonderful family and friends. You can tell from the way they look at each other that they really are in love. It's a beautiful thing! 

Someone's excited!

I stopped to grab a shot of this purple weed and a bee landed on it! Score!


I couldn't decide between the next two...

Their first glance was an emotional one. It is always such an intimate time that makes your wedding day that much more special!



The ring bearer needed a little help getting down the aisle...

The reception was decorated beautifully- apparently Cameron was in charge, and he did a great job!

Cameron's mother MADE this cake. 


Since I got the image of the bee earlier, I figured going for this dragonfly was a pretty safe bet...

Julie's Dad is a pretty funny guy- and I love this series from his toast-

This grandmother was so fun and spunky- and she was getting down to the Cha Cha Slide!

For the past few years, I get to keep running into these girls and I'm so glad to know them! You are all fabulous!

Thanks so much for a wonderful day- congratulations you two!