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supermarket sweep • still at it!

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I stopped blogging about my grocery/coupon clipping adventures, because I figured that most of you who read my blog would rather see photography than a pile of produce. But I've decided that it's something I've found so helpful (and even fun), so I'm sharing!

I've learned a couple of things about this way of shopping- it's about buying more when you see a good deal, and then using it later. It's also all about buying only what's on sale, or close to free. 

I've been doing this for a couple months now, and not only have I had extra money left over at the end of the month, but our pantry is more well-stocked than I've ever seen it. Bring on that blizzard!

Here's what I bought this week:

I went to 3 different stores and spent a total of 37.54. Doesn't look like much, but here's the breakdown:

Target had several pounds of Archer Farms coffee on clearance for 4.58. They did have whole bean, which helps preserve the coffee much longer, and we have a automatic grinder in our coffee machine (and consume about 1.5 lbs. every two weeks), so I jumped on it and bought 2. (The other one is already in use!) 


Two boxes Kashi cereal @ 2/5.00. I also had a coupon for 1.50 off, so that made them 1.75 each.

True North Pecan Almond Peanut Clusters (sooooo yummy!)- on sale for 3.00, with an additional $3 in Register Rewards. I also had a 1.00 off coupon from their website.

Dove deodorant- Walgreens had a 1.99 coupon in the Sunday paper, and I had a 2.00 off coupon from the manufacturer, so I actually MADE .01 buying it!


A friend had told me to get to the grocery store early in the morning to pick up VERY discounted meat from the day before. I knew United had a sale on ground beef (which I always like to have around), so I ended up getting 4 lbs. of ground beef for 8.44!

I also snagged some ribs for Shawn @ 3.22. 

The Sprite, Half and Half, and chicken broth were all regular price. 


I had one "splurge" item- the raw honey. Heather and I came across the Lubbock farmer's market on Saturday morning, and found this delicious honey. I spent 14.00 on it- eek! Since I am making my own bread now, though, I use a lot of honey, since the recipe doesn't use sugar. This honey is made in Idalou, and so it will also help build our immunities since it is local.


Here are some new links I've founds helpful:

Save Lubbock- the only coupon blog for Lubbock I've seen!

Organic Grocery Deals- Target Coupon Generator


And check out my friend Emily- she is getting some steals! I need to take a couple lessons from her!