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fair food

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Shawn and I visited the South Plains Fair with our friends Marcus, Katlyn and Carson yesterday. We went mid-afternoon and it was absolutely perfect- not too many people, weather was about 75 degrees. I loved getting to see the bear show and the shark show...but let's face it- it was all about the food! We spent most of our time tasting all things fried. I took my camera along and snapped a few...

Fried Food #1- Extra long corndog.

#2- Chicharrones

We just couldn't help ourselves. Kat and I split (#3) a friend pepper jack cheese stick and it was yummy! 

Must have- strawberry lemonade!

Too bad Shawn and I got on the wide-angle, out of focus side, haha! At least the Pedrozas look cute.

My favorite! #4- Fried Snickers and ice cream.

#5- Fried Oreos! These were super good too.

#6- Funnel Cake. 

Carson wasn't so sure about the baby duck. 

His shirt says, "I'm kind of a big deal"!

All fried food consumed, I'm pretty sure my body tanked from a sugar high about 2 hours later. Back to the healthy stuff today!