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michael + heather = engaged!

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Michael and Heather are some of my very good friends and have been dating for about 3 years now. Michael (or Murry, as we like to call him) is the keyboard/programmer for my husband's band - so we all get to see a lot of each other. Keeping this proposal a secret was a little tough, but so much fun!

Murry decided to propose to Heather while her family was down from Kansas City. We typically do a cookout with all of our friends on Sunday evenings, so to have a "Labor Day" cookout was no surprise. There were a few twists, though. Murry purchased a Bingo game (one of Heather's favorites), and we made our own cards (with this very cool site). We printed Heather's on yellow (her favorite color) and was sure to include the number 27 on it (their dating anniversary). I insisted we all play Bingo after dinner, and made Murry the caller. Shanna passed out the cards, making sure Heather got the right one. 

So we totally rigged the Bingo game- but Heather won an awesome prize! All in all, I think she was pretty shocked! Here are a few images:


Murry looking a little nervous:

Murry calls the game while Heather (in the foreground) has absolutely NO idea...

Shanna won the first game. Can you guess what her awesome prize was?

Heather gets a BINGO!

Love this.

Gorgeous canary diamond on a gorgeous lady!

Shawn made a fun video of the evening and I would recommend watching it if you have a second!

Congratulations you guys!!!