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FIVE MONTHS. That's how long I waited. And Kirby has waited. This may be the biggest case of procrastination I have ever had. 

I asked Kirby to model for me a while back. I needed it, get out and shoot what I really love. She obliged, and we had a slightly windy, slightly scary, but nonetheless fun photoshoot. Kirby was a fantastic model. 

After the photoshoot, I backed up the images, and then became consumed with other work. The longer I waited to work on the images, the more I worried I wouldn't like them after all. I had a really bad case of being comfortable. 

Today I opened them. And I have learned my lesson. Thanks, Kirby, for providing me with images that I really, really love- and helping me to remember why I do what I do. 

More than anything, I KNOW that I can't be comfortable with what I shoot. This means I have to push myself with every image, try things I an unsure of, and trust that what I make will be bigger and better than I expected. I hope you, my clients, will be up for the journey! There is so much out there that hasn't been done yet.