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Lance and Taleigh were married at the newly-remodled Merket Alumni Center on the Texas Tech campus. It was a beautiful, crisp October day and there was so much to photograph! From the get-go, I have appreciated Taleigh's intentionality and thoughtfulness in the planning of her wedding day. It was so neat to see it all fall into place- and to see she and Lance as husband and wife! I've been ogling over these images for the past week, and now it's time to show them to my faithful blog readers- thankfully, Lance and Taleigh sent me a little post-wedding feedback from their honeymoon in Costa Rica! (I told you I have AWESOME couples!)

Lance and Taleigh both exchanged notes to each other before the ceremony- and each was so sentimental and sweet. Taleigh started to laugh as she read Lance's note, because he'd written, "I have no doubt that this will not work!"- haha, he had a LOT on his mind that day. It made for a refreshing laugh in the midst of all the preparation.

Lots of gorgeous autumn-inspired florals from Market Street.

I love this moment between Taleigh and her mom.

Taleigh had seen Monica's wedding on my blog and loved the idea of giving her dad a gift before the wedding. She gave him a handkerchief and something I thought was awesome and funny...her Discover card!

Lance and Taleigh didn't want to "see" each other before- but they did get to talk to each other!

Hello October.

Something I didn't know till this wedding- when you get married at the Merket, you get a brick in the courtyard!

Taleigh's Mom and sisters put a lot of time and effort into the centerpieces at the reception. They were a perfect mix of Taleigh's vintage flair and Lance's love for hunting. So pretty!

Taleigh's advice to future brides: Enjoy it! Let everyone else take care of everything. Don't sweat the small stuff! Don't forget to have fun with your wedding party and guests! 

I totally agree.


Thanks so much, you guys! Congratulations!