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lissa likes • november 2010

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It's time for the November installment of "Lissa Likes"! Since it's the last day of the month (as well as me 27th birthday- eek!), this list is going to look a little bit like my Christmas list too. :)

1. All things Christmas. We kept the decorations pretty simple this year, since there's no telling how much time we'll have to take them all down if baby Knox arrives early. BUT, I LOVE our tree...and the cinnamon spice candles...and of course the Christmas music. My all-time favorite:


2. Ketti Bags. I love these stylish camera bags! Maybe it could double as a diaper bag?? HERE is their site. 


3. This Nikon mug from Photojojo. There has been a Canon coffee mug floating around for a while, but now there's finally one for us Nikonians! 


4. Sun Harvest muffins. Sun Harvest is the newest grocery store in Lubbock- located in the Kingsgate shopping center. I've been shopping there the past several weeks, and we have loved the fresh selection of produce and reasonably-priced meats and seafood. One Sunday I'd run out of my pregnancy-emergency snacks I usually stash in my purse for those times when I HAVE...TO...EAT...SOMETHING...and a lady walked by me with a huge tray of blueberry muffins straight out of the oven. I wanted one SO. BAD. But I told myself no...we were almost done. That's when I saw the .99 sign. And I grabbed one. And it was delicious. I won't tell you how many more I've consumed since that impulsive day. :) While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and include Chipotle and Einstein Bros. Bagels to my list since they're both recent LBK arrivals. 

5. Jon Acuff + Dave Ramsey. As you know, we have been Dave-Ramsey-brainwashed. We also love the book "Stuff Christians Like" by Jon Acuff (HERE's his blog). So when Jon Acuff writes a book about Dave Ramsey, we buy it. Immediately. (In cash, within our budget constraints of course!) Shawn and I listened to the audiobook on our way home for Thanksgiving and laughed the whole way. If you listen to the Dave Ramsey Show or have gone to Financial Peace University, you'll find something in this book hilarious. Guaranteed.


6. Ravelry. HOW have I not known about this awesome knitting/crocheting online community? There are so many great resources and patterns here...I'm a little obsessed. My username is "lissaanglin" if you would like to be my friend. :)


7. Closure. I'm officially on maternity leave until March, which doesn't mean I won't be working- it just means I won't be shooting. After a pretty intense summer and fall, it feels SO GOOD to have a nice break (not to mention I'm moving a lot slower these days). I love my clients and they have all been so helpful and cooperative in getting their wedding albums, print orders, and other items ordered and sent out. 97% of the brides + grooms I shot this last year already have their wedding albums in hand- which is huge! Honestly, though- I'm ready to get refreshed and take a step back from work to focus on family for a while. I know I'll be ready to go in March when I start back- hopefully with a new fervor and ideas!

This also means that for a while this blog will be full of personal posts- hope you're ready! I still have a few touches to make to the nursery, but hopefully soon I'll get to share that project with you all!