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Last week I was at Sam's, and noticed how gorgeous the carnations looked. This is not a common occurrence. I hate carnations. But these were pretty. So, I bought them...with some pretty yellow flowers (anyone know the name of them)? 

I was able to make three small vases of them and put them all over my house. It is so refreshing to have them around. I think I'll do this more often.


I shot these with my new macro lens. I also thought you guys might enjoy them as desktop images. You can download them at a larger size below for personal use!

Flower 1

Flower 2


If you keep up with my Twitter or Facebook acount, you know we welcomed 6 little puppies yesterday! I snagged a few shots of them sleeping in their box. At this stage, they look a little bit like mice! They are amazingly active, though. 

This little girl (and several others) have the same marking as our male, Willy. We picked him because of his little white goatee.

Lola has been such a fantastic Mommy. Besides having them all without any help, she has made sure every one is well fed and very clean. There is always one resting right under her chin.


I'll post more as they get older (and cuter!). Happy Tuesday!