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scottie puppies • 3 weeks old

lissa-anglin3 Comments

I've had SEVERAL requests for new pictures of the puppies- so here they are! They are now 3 weeks old, have their eyes open, are beginning to walk, and have little nubs for teeth. These guys are such a sweet bunch. They really love to be cuddled together- more than our last litter. 

Incredibly, we've already sold 3 of them! It's been such a blessing- I'm sad that this will be our last litter- but it sure is a good one!

Puppy #1 (silver ribbon) Black, Male

Don't worry- I had parental supervision. :)


Puppy #2- Male, Red Wheaten (He will be a strawberry blonde color)


Puppy #3- Male, Wheaten (this guy is tentatively sold)


Puppy #4- Black, Female (She is sold, and already has a name- Posh! How cute!)


Puppy #5- Black, Female (She is sold as well)


Puppy #6- Black, Male

The whole bunch! 


This little guy was so sleepy!


All of the black dogs have little white goatees (some more than others). Here you can see Posh's!


Today they got their first taste of real food. It went very well!