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yes, i'm still alive...

lissa-anglin4 Comments

...but I won't be back in my home office till Wednesday. This doesn't mean I'm not at work! I've been traveling...a lot. When I get back to Lubbock on Tuesday night I will have traveled exactly 6,244 miles in the past two weeks- and I will have LOTS to show you, including a beautiful southern Mississippi wedding, a fun Kansas City wedding where the rain clouds couldn't stop us from getting some awesome images, a gorgeous bridal, an cute engagement, and a really adorable kiddo. 

I just wrapped up a great wedding here in Kansas City, and Shanna and I are headed out to the Escalate Conference in Newport Beach, CA tomorrow after our morning shoot. I am pumped for some photo inspiration, but more than anything, I am really excited for some time with my cousins, some Sprinkles, some In-N-Out, and some time to take a breather!