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tyler + hillary • wedding • st. joseph, mo

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Tyler and Hillary were married in St. Joseph, Missouri- just a few minutes outside of Kansas City. When we arrived, it was a little drizzly, and it stayed that way the entire time. I have shot weddings where it rained briefly and then subsided, but never one where it was literally wet ALL DAY. The best thing, though, was how little it mattered! 

These two are so precious and so perfect for each other. Their love for the Lord and their excitement about marriage was so clear, and I had the best day working with them, even if we all were soaking wet!

Here are some of my favorite details. Hillary did so much of the work herself and it was special how everything had such a personal touch.


Hillary and her Mom have such a sweet relationship. I love these two images.


Ok. Time out. Just in case you are an avid follower of this blog, you may have seen my second shooter Shanna's husband before (Zach- on the far right), not to be confused with the groom (Tyler- in the middle). Tyler and his brother (Ryan- far left) are actually cousins of Zach...and if you haven't noticed, their dads are twins! I'm hoping you were able to follow that....just wanted to make the connection!


Tyler and Hillary's wedding party was such a cool bunch to run around downtown St. Joseph with me (in the rain!). It was totally worth it!


The ceremony was beautiful. Tyler's Dad married them.


Hillary gave Tyler her purity ring she'd been saving since she was a little girl. It was a pretty cool part of the ceremony.


The reception had lots of good friends and good food- from popcorn to all sorts of cookies and homemade cobbler. Yum!


Lots of heartfelt speeches. It was a really wonderful night.


Thanks so much you guys- I so enjoyed being there for your big day!

Thank you Shanna for being a fantastic umbrella-holder!

Stay tuned for Tyler and Hillary's Day After Session in Kansas City!