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justin + lana • wedding • borger, tx

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It is always such an honor to photograph a wedding when I know the story behind it. I've decided that it's all the parts leading up to the wedding that truly make the wedding day special...and in this case, I got to have some insight on Lana's life up to this very big day.

I know that Lana was picky when it came to guys- and for good reason. She didn't want to waste time! She had other things to do- and God has used her to impact so many lives through teaching, leading children's programs and friendships. Then Justin came along- and only made her more capable of doing the things she loves! They are such a beautiful picture of patience, purity, and love. One of the best things about getting to hang out with them is watching them laugh together. You can tell they truly enjoy each other's company. 

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding. It was a day full of tradition, family, and sweet memories...and SONIC! Congrats you guys!

Lana's grandmother sewed a ring into her dress that has been in her family for four generations. 


Love all of these girls!

Did someone say "CANDY BAR"?!?! I'm no going to lie, I filled a bag to the brim!


One reason this was a unique Mother-Son dance: the song! Just at least listen to the chorus. It's hilarious and awesome.


This is not the most incredible image in the world, but this is a perfect example of how Lana and Justin are constantly having fun together.


Justin is a big candy-lover, so in lieu of a cake he went for a piñata! So much fun!