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jeremy + kirby • wedding • lubbock, tx

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I had been looking forward to this wedding since I booked it. A relaxed, intimate wedding at McPherson Cellars, a gorgeous bride who is in love with her groom, and lots of wonderful details. Besides being very cool people individually, Jeremy + Kirby are totally precious together. I loved getting to photograph them because in the midst of the crowd, they still had this silent connection between them. Throughout their wedding day, they got to enjoy each other- which, amazingly, is something of a rarity in weddings these days. I just love that they planned their day with purpose- and it was beautiful!


Here's what these two had to say about their first look:

Kirby: I was so nervous and I loved being able to see Jeremy for the first time alone, in a comfortable place to calm my nerves! We loved getting to finally just be together for a moment before everything began. It was a really sweet and intimate moment that I know we will both always remember! 

Jeremy: I loved getting to steal a few minutes of private time with her by ourselves. It was like the eye of a hurricane and it gave us a chance to reconnect and be on the same page before everything went into high gear.


Of course, I couldn't get enough portraits of these I hope you enjoy my indulgence!


Definitely one of my most favorite wedding party shots ever.


The ceremony and reception space had so many wonderful details- all coordinated by Kirby. One of the most unique things was the guest sign-in-- a thumbprint tree painted by the Maid of Honor, Amy. Everyone loved it!

The ceremony was simple and personal- Dusty, their pastor at Redeemer Church, did a great job inserting bits of Jeremy and Kirby and giving the glory to the God who made it all happen! 


Kirby found these adorable cake toppers from lovemonkey's shop on Etsy (of how I loooove Etsy). 

The best man's speech was definitely one of the funniest parts of the day. Nathan did such a great job. 

We also had a lot of Fancy Booth fun! More to come on that later...

A few words from Jeremy + Kirby looking back:

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

Brides- Enjoy your day! My MOH and I slipped away and got frozen yogurt between the busyness- and it was a great time to recharge! I also recommend that you get as many decisions made before the big day as you can. I tried to be as well thought out and organized as I could be, so when the big day came it was easy to delegate and trust others with any little things that needed to be done. I would also recommend to use the Fancy Booth- It was so much fun for our guests!

Grooms- Eat 1 hr before  (Lissa's note- Haha! This makes me laugh so much, mostly because like Jeremy, my husband forgot to eat on our wedding day. We got to the cake cutting and he was so weak and shaky! This is definitely good advice!)

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Jeremy: Nope, of course not!

Kirby: Maybe somehow had a rehearsal at the venue- we had to have it at our church the night before because McPherson was booked the night before our wedding. Other than that- not a thing!


Thanks so much you guys- it was an honor to capture your day! Congrats!