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Lissa Likes #1

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I've decided to add a new feature to my little blog- it's called "Lissa Likes"! Basically, it's just a gathering of pretty, nice things that have been catching my eye lately. It could also include anything I've been appreciative as of late. Hope you enjoy this little insight into my world!

I've got a vast array of things to "like" today- topping off the list with 

1. Shotguns. Really. I am not kidding. Our home security system went off this morning about 5:00 a.m., and it was the first thing I thought about- that and the husband that was suddenly carrying it around the house, hoping not to find any intruders. Thankfully, it was a false alarm- the door to our garage had gone ajar- juuuust enough to set the house into hysterics. Needless to say, I am a little sleepy today and very thankful for my "backup" security system. 

2. Salt and Espresso. Together. Call it a pregnancy craving, but nothing has satisfied my tummy lately like a little coffee (preferably cold, and usually decaf) paired with some greasy french fries. I know this romance will end in a few short months, but until then, I'm indulging like never before. 

3. Friends that give like no one else. It seems like lately I have been so blessed with friends that have chosen to give their used baby things, time, and sympathy (when my main computer completely crashed a few weeks ago). I know that a computer is just a piece of equipment, but when you spend as much time on it as I do (my job is 90% computer, 10% shooting), it sure is nice to have someone genuinely care about the situation.  Baby Knox is also accumulating a lot of wonderful things passed down from friends and family that I am getting so excited to use! The thoughtfulness of others amazes me.

4. Cardboard Safari. The moment I saw some of these at a little shop in Taos a few months ago, I knew we had to get one for the baby room. Maybe I knew it was a boy even then! We are leaning toward the Rhino in the natural brown, but I do like the way this white contrasts against the dark wall.

5. New Music. Having my intern Taylor around has opened my eyes to lots of new sounds lately. My summer playlist has consisted mostly of Phoenix, Parachute, MGMT, The Classic Crime, Christy Nockles and some random ones like Peter, Bjorn and John and Almost Alice, the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack. 

6. New Videos. The OKGO video was shared with me by Alex M. and Taylor showed me the T-Shirt Wars stop motion. Pretty cool!

7. Fall! This is quickly becoming my favorite season. Pumpkin spice lattes, that crisp smell in the air, getting to wear scarves and hats- I love it! Of course, it always inspires new knitting projects- even more so since I discovered Ravelry. I've already got a head start on Christmas gifts! It's also my favorite time to shoot- the leaves are changing, and although I miss those extended hours of summer sunlight, I can't get enough of those warm yellows and oranges from the trees this time of year. Here is an image from Michelle and Edgar's wedding last November.

8. Voluspa Candles. If you're here in Lubbock, you can get them at Chrome. I haven't found one yet that I didn't love. Right now I'm burning Makassar Ebony & Peach. Yum. I'm convinced somehow they make me a better photographer. Or maybe just a little happier to be sitting at a desk. 


Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Lissa Likes!