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threads of necessity • my new wrap shirt!

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Let me begin this post by saying that NOTHING about the words "maternity clothes" excited me when I found out I was pregnant. I had visions of miu-miu's and giant t-shirts that made a woman look rather cow-like.

This all changed when I discovered Isabella Oliver. I waited for a good sale and then ordered up a wrap shirt and another ruched top that would get me through the winter. When they arrived I was super happy with how they fit and the fact that I would be able to grow into them.

My sister, Lauren, has a fashion design degree and took one look at my wrap top and was able to completely reproduce it with some gorgeous Missoni fabric. I received this gem in the mail a couple days ago! 

As you can see, the bottom half of the top wraps up to fit a growing belly. I was amazed that she was able to create it out of nothing! 


Lauren also makes vintage-inspired lingerie and fine art which she sells through her Etsy store- Threads of Necessity.  I'm sure with enough demand she might list some of these shirts as well!

P.S. This would be the first time I've posted my pregnant self- particularly because it is still a little unusual for me to see myself with a bump! I'm doing my best to embrace my Mommy-ness, though. This is me @ 6 months.