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a thanksgiving contest! (UPDATED- winner!)

lissa-anglin4 Comments

The fall foliage have been so beautiful this year- my favorite has definitely been the warm yellow leaves. Put that with my baby boy, and I'm taking pictures. 

It's high-time for a contest on this little blog, seeing as I haven't had one in over a year!


So here are the details:

Every Mom/Aunt/Grandmother in my family brings something yummy to Thanksgiving. They all have their staples- from corn casserole to stuffing and deviled eggs. 

This year, since I'm now a Mom as well, I figure it's about time for me to contribute. 

I know I'll be making my favorite pumpkin cinnamon rolls, but I'm also needing a savory dish.


So, share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe in the comments below!


The winner will be receiving a 15.00 iTunes gift card- might I suggest you purchase my favorite Christmas album ever?


Contest ends Wednesday at noon!




Annnnnnndddd.....our winner is Hope with Emeril Lagasse's Corn Pudding!

All of these sound so yummy- I will definitely be trying them all! After reading the recipies to my spicy-food loving husband, he thought this recipe sounded like the best.

Hope, send me an email with your mailing address lissa.anglin @!