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brayden • amarillo high school senior • amarillo, tx

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I'm a little late on posting these photos, but that's partially because I loved so many of them (and partially because, honestly, I'm still figuring out this Mommy-thing). Brayden is a senior at Amarillo High School, and when he told me his favorite store was Urban Outfitters, I knew we would get along. :) He is also wanting to become an art therapist, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I was a senior. God changed my course, but it's still something that totally interests me. We had a great time wandering around downtown Amarillo, and these are some of my favorite images ever.

We stopped by the Herring building, which is old and abandoned currently. Brayden wants to own it and restore it someday- it would be so cool to go back and take the same photo once he does.