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knox turns one! • uno themed birthday party

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I have to admit, I couldn't see far enough past Christmas and New Years (also our anniversary) to go ahead and plan Knox's 1st birthday party. Since he was born Jan. 3rd, it kind of snuck up on us. I had tossed around a few ideas on my Pinterest boards, but finally settled on an UNO theme. Why? Because I can only do it UNO time! 

So here are a few details- I decided not to obsess too much over the decor and treats, and I'm so glad I did. Freed up a lot of time to actually spend time with people.

First, the invitations! I kind of went off of a design I saw HERE. It helps that my pro lab makes a boutique card in the perfect cutout shape as a playing card:


Then Shawn and I made 3 kinds of popcorn: S'mores, Caramel & M&M's, and Ranch (the favorite). We also made some little UNO card cupcake toppers, and stuck them into the cupcakes I ordered from Sam's (totally worth it- I am not a great baker). Auntie Em made some delicious cupcake toppers, and I found these cute napkins on clearance at Target. Hip hooray for clearance items! I had a few leftover UNO cards from another project, so I just scattered them all over the table. 

Also, not pictured on the right side of the above photo (they are kind of cut off) are the custom crossword puzzles we made (free!) from this website. Our theme for the puzzle was "All About Knox", and the adults seemed to enjoy it! I realized last minute that I didn't have a colorful tablecloth, and so I grabbed a bunch of scrapbook paper that has been living in my storage and set it out. It worked out great! 

The last "project" I did was a photo booth background. I knew I wanted to use UNO cards somehow, and it was also a great way to document everyone who came. All of my kids should just assume from now on that there will be a photo booth at their birthday parties. :)

Then it came time for his first cupcake! Well, I have a feeling he's had some cupcake before (Mom!) but this was the first one openly handed to him. He interested, then a little nervous that we were all watching, then loving it.

All in all, we had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with our family and friends. Thanks to all who came!