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our new adventure

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Many months ago Shawn and I embarked on a brand-new adventure together. We'd known for a while that change was in the air, specifically in the area of Shawn's job (career, really). He had been reading all sorts of career/business books, and we'd been discussing possible options for him, but out of the blue one day he came to me and said, "I think we should open up a clothing store". I really wanted to laugh in his face! But he truly had a vision for it and after doing some research, we found that there really was a market for what we were wanting to do. So, trusting my husband and our God I jumped in!

So, I'm excited to announce Culture Clothing! Here is the little quip from our website about the store:


Now- the main reason I am writing this post is because WE NEED HELP! We are currently looking to hire at least 1 person to be our main manager/buyer. You can find the job description and requirements at the Culture Clothing blog. Please spread the word to anyone you think might be a good fit! 

P.S. This does NOT mean that I will be quitting, or even toning-down my photography business. I still love my job and my clients, so I will not be stopping anytime soon! :)