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drew + elizabeth • proposal • lubbock, tx

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Several weeks ago I got an email from Drew explaining that he had plans to propose to his girlfriend, and he wanted me to photograph it! I was SO excited- and only got more excited as I heard about his plan. I'll walk you through it as I show you the photos...


Drew had told Elizabeth for months that they had a special dinner for his work they had to go to. So Elizabeth bought a dress, was getting her hair done, and was almost ready when she got a call from Drew:

Drew told her he'd had to drop something off for a group project on the Texas Tech campus, but now his car wouldn't start. So, Elizabeth needed to come pick him up. Once she got there, he told her he'd lost the special pin his boss had given him to wear to the dinner...right in front of the seal. 

Elizabeth hopped out of the car (shoeless- love it!) to help him look. As soon as she turned her back, down on one knee he went.

She was SO suprised- he had told her it would be at least December before he could propose. The next few minutes were full of pure joy, realization of all the elaborate lying Drew had done (nice job, Drew!), and total excitement. 

I can't tell you how special it was to witness this moment in their lives. After being with these two for under and hour, it was clear that they are a perfect match...totally in tune with each other, excited about the future, and in love! I totally, absolutely, loved getting to document this story for them.

Congratulations, you two! I wish you all the best- through thick and thin!