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what to wear to your engagement session (brides, this one's for you!


Want to guarantee a great Engagement Session? Trust me and read below!

What you wear to your Engagement Session is important for several reasons- of course you want to look your best, but you also want to feel great in what you're wearing. Here are some tips I've accumulated over the years:

1. Select clothing that compliments each other in color, but does not match exactly.

Long gone are the days of couples in matching shirts. When you're selecting color, think about the colors that compliment each other. Stick with warm tones (reds, oranges, yellows, browns) or cool tones (blues, grays, purples). Or go mostly neutral with some bright accents! There are no hard and fast rules here. In general, big, contrasty prints are distracting and unflattering. 


2. Wear clothing that you'd normally be found wearing.

This might seem obvious, but you'd be amazed at the amount of couples who feel like they need to "dress up" for their Engagement Session. Don't worry- we will definitely get some formal pictures of you- it's called your WEDDING DAY. :) Dressing like you normally do (think Girls Day Out and not trip to the grocery store- haha) is very important- because you being comfortable is very important. It's my goal to capture images of you looking like you. Granted, if you is a three-piece suit, then by all means- I want to see it!

3. Layer + Accessorize.

Layers (like jackets, thin tees, and vests) are always a fun way to spice up a look. They are also a great way to add figure-flattering shape. Don't be afraid to sport a colorful peacoat in the winter, or a cool vest over a sundress in the summertime. You can also incorporate big jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and hats for some fun accents. Clothing catalogs like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and J. Crew are always great for inspiration.

4. When in doubt, photograph yourself and see what you think!

This may seem silly, but it's what I do when I can't decide if I really like the way something looks. Have someone take a photo of you, so you can get my perspective on the outfit. Amazingly, it does make a difference!


5. Shop your own closet (in advance) and wear clothing that fits.

Most likely, your closet has a trend- whether it be color, or certain type of clothing like mostly jeans or mostly dresses. Pay attention to these things- most likely, those are the items you feel most confident in. This is huge! There's nothing worse than going to the mall hours before your session in a panic, hoping to find something you'll like. More often than not, the items you select last minute are more like the store clerk's personality and less like your own. And, since you haven't worn them for any period of time, you're not guaranteed that they are a good fit on your body. An out-of-place seam, too-tight or too-loose clothing can keep you uncomfortable the entire time.


6. Props.

I do love a good prop if it fits into your lifestyle. I've had couples bring old quilts, navajo blankets, bikes, and board games. If you are coffee drinkers, bring your favorite mugs or if you prefer wine, bring a bottle and we'll toast! 


Thankfully, most every couple I get to work with is already excited about their session- but there is always that uh-oh-I'm-going-to-be-in-front-of-the-camera-won't-this-be-awkward-and-not-fun feeling. Yes, I get that, too- and hopefully it won't be around for long. I know that the best images come when you are able to be yourself and feel comfortable, so I work really hard to make sure that happens. If I haven't already, I'll be sending you a questionnaire prior to your Engagement Session that will give me a good idea of your personality and style, so I can dream up some great plans for your shoot!