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happy father's day, shawn!

lissa-anglin2 Comments

This is your 2nd Father's Day. I always knew you would be a wonderful Daddy. We have experienced so much this past year with our boy- setting up and learning to run a new business, babysitting, daycare, travel, weddings, holidays, changes in income, spritual challenges- I can't believe how solid you've been through it all. Then again, I can. I know you're trusting God with every wonderful, scary, new, exciting bit of it. And I am so, so, thankful for that. So is Knox. Thanks for being a place to laugh and relax. Thank you for providing for us and serving us everyday. (P.S.- this guy served me breakfast in bed yesterday!) We love you so much! Happy Father's Day!

These are blurry, but also perfect. These two play fast & furious.