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Mega Huge Crazy Internet Art Sale!


Haha- does the title get the point across?!? I have been showing some my fine art prints at Culture Clothing for the past couple of months and it is finally time to take them down and make room for new artists. The problem is, I don't have anywhere to put them. So, I'm marking them down and offering them to you! 

Here's what's for sale:


"Jinzhou" Metal Prints           

These prints are actually printed on metal sheets, and hung with metal studs to give an industrial look. The corners of the prints are rounded and there is a sheen/reflection to the surface. I'd never ordered these prints before and I was really impressed with the quality. The metal was perfect for the contrasty black and whites.

This cluster contains 3 10x20 prints, and 3 8x10 prints- they can be purchased together or separately.

10x20-  80.00 (Regularly 175.00)

8x10- 45.00 (Regularly 55.00)

"Gates" Series

This series depicts images of colorful iron gates found throughout Puerto Rico. I loved the different textures and patterns- there were literally hundreds within a city block. I created 10x10 squares so that they mix-and-match-able and can be hung in a variety of ways. Here is what the display looked like in our store:


I can see these being a pop of color in a room or hung symmetrically in ornate frames. Each 10x10 is printed on glossy Kodak paper and mounted on foamcore. They can be hung alone or framed. I numbered them to make referencing them easier- the numbers are not actually a part of the image!

1 10x10 print-  30.00 (Regularly 45.00)

A group of 3 10x10 prints-   80.00


"V is for Vintage" Print on Standout

This 16x24 print is mounted on standout with a black border, so it does not need to be framed. It has been one of my most-selling prints!

16x24 print- 150.00 (Regularly 215.00)


"The Pixie" Print on Standout

This 8x12 print is also mounted on standout with a black border. I photographed the cameras inside an antique store in downtown San Juan.

8x12 print- 30.00 (Regularly 45.00)


If you are interested in any of these prints please send me an email at! Thank you!