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jordan + casi • wedding • thunderbird chapel- norman, ok


August was a very special wedding month for me- first, Mari got married (in the post below), and then it was Jordan and Casi's turn! If you haven't heard me talk about Casi yet, you don't know that she interned for me last year- and was totally essential to making our lives run. I can't say enough about her character, attitude, and wilingness to help. Plus, she is a pretty talented graphic designer (she designed all the stationery for their wedding). 

Jordan and Casi were married at the gorgeous Thunderbird Chapel outside of Norman, OK. When she first showed me this venue I flipped out! It is such an ideal wedding location, and I'm so glad they chose it. Being with these two on their wedding day and getting to capture it all was such an honor. It was clear they were both ready- really ready- to finally be married. All day, the clouds above us had threatened rain- and rain it did! We even attempted some portraits outside (thank you, ladies, for giving it a shot with me!), but as soon as we made it out, we were rushed back in because of the downpour. The beautiful thing about it was that the wedding went on, they were married, and a celebration ensued! Though we couldn't be outside, we had the most beautiful chapel to shoot in. Watching Jordan and Casi after the ceremony was such a great reminder of what it's all about- of course- the wedding day, but more importantly- every day after that. The sense of contentment and excitement about their new adventure was encouraging and exciting. 

I had a lot of favorites, so get ready! First, their vendors:

Wedding Gown: Impression Bridal, OKC 

Men's Suits: Jos. A Bank

Bridesmaids Dresses: Modcloth & Asos

Florist: Buy For Less

Cake: Buy For Less

Venue: Thunderbird Chapel

Catering: Thunderbird Chapel

Special Music: Joshua Tullis

Hair: Morgan Bilderback, La Foi Salon

Makeup: Jordan Moore


Oh my goodness, Casi looked stunning....

Getting caught in the rain resulted in some very funny moments- imagine us all huddled around the bride, trying to keep under the umbrellas and her dry!

Both Jordan and Casi said this was their favorite moment of the day

Jordan: The most memorable part of my day was seeing Casi walk down the isle. I also really enjoyed just getting to spend the day celebrating with friends and family.

Casi: When those double doors swung open, my dad and I were standing there with the entire chapel staring at us. It was an overwhelming feeling of love knowing everyone was there for Jordan and I. And seeing the smile on Jordan's face when he saw me for the first time.

Casi: The sugar cookie favors shaped like Oklahoma and Texas. They were made by a group of ladies who used to bake with my aunt Judy. She passed away in November so it was very special to me. It helped me feel like a part of Judy was there with me.

This was the first "choreographed" garter toss I'd ever seen. Every single guy out there immediately walked off once that garter was in the air. It was hilarious!

Jordan and Casi- thank you so much for your trust in me. I feel so blessed to know you both and to have been a part of your big day!